Q. Why does Alchemical Research use flame-sealed, snap-off glass ampules for packaging most of its products rather than vials with Teflon-lined caps?

A. We realize that vials with Teflon-lined caps provide the added convenience of serving as resealable vessels, however these containers are not airtight. Many products turn out to be unstable during extended storage because oxygen and moisture can enter and cause degradation, even when stored in the freezer. In order to consistently provide products that maintain high purity while in our inventory (and in our customers’ freezers after shipment), we have determined that the flame-sealed ampules are best. Our ampules are sealed under a nitrogen or argon atmosphere, assuring maximal long-term stability and purity. Nonetheless, product stabilization and storage requirements are determined on a product-by-product basis with our customers’ ease-of-use in mind.

Q. Why can’t we see anything in the ampule? Is the ampule empty?

A. The ampule is definitely not empty. While the visual detection of milligram or sub-milligram quantities of material can be challenging, we will earn your trust that our products are undoubtedly present and conforming to our specifications. Visual confirmation can often be detected by looking for Schlieren lines when the material is taken up in solvent. This occurs due to local differences in refractive index as the solution forms and while the solution remains incompletely mixed.

Q. What is the shelf life of the product?

A. While we do work to fully understand and communicate stability and storage requirements of our products, our storage instructions are provided solely as recommendations without any warranty of long term stability. While we warrant that our products do conform to our specifications upon delivery (please verify within five (5) days of receipt), we provide no warranties concerning their long term stability. For best results, please adhere to storage recommendations and use products promptly upon receipt. In addition, please note that upon opening snap-off glass ampules, packaged products can become unstable towards extended storage possibly due to oxygen and moisture introduction.

Q. Why is the product not shipped with cold packaging when it is recommended that it be stored at -20oC?

A. When our products require storage at -20oC for optimal long-term stability, we do confirm that they can be shipped at ambient temperature without risk of degradation. In addition, all products are shipped by overnight service to minimize exposure to ambient temperature.

Q. What types of payment methods are available?

A. Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), and Purchase Orders (subject to credit approval).

Q. Does Alchemical Research ship internationally?

A. Orders placed through the Alchemical Research online store ( are limited to U.S. customers. For international orders, please e-mail inquiries to or call toll-free (800) 381-9026 or (610) 833-8344.

Q. Do we have to pay sales tax on our purchases?

A. In accordance with current tax regulations on online sales, sales tax will only be collected on purchases made by Alchemical Research customers with a physical presence (“nexus”) in the state of Pennsylvania. These orders will be subjected to the 6% PA sales tax. If your organization holds a tax-exemption certificate, please fax it to toll-free (800) 381-9025 or (610) 465-8412 and we will update your customer account accordingly.

Q. What if we have a question about our order?

A. Please contact us with any questions about your order via e-mail (, phone (1-800-381-9026 or 610-833-8344), or fax (1-800-381-9025 or 610-465-8412). Please provide your name, account information and order number so that we can promptly address your needs.

Q. How do we submit a return request?

A. In order to return an item, you must first submit a Return Request. Simply sign in to your account and click on the “Completed Orders” link under the My Account menu. Find the order that contains the item(s) to be returned and click on the Return Item(s) button. Fill out the Return Request form and submit. You will be contacted promptly with further instructions.

Please be sure to inspect goods upon receipt and notify Alchemical Research of any shortages, defects or damages within five (5) days of delivery.

Further questions and feedback?

We welcome your questions, comments and concerns. Please e-mail inquiries to or call toll-free (800) 381-9026 or (610) 833-8344.

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