• From Concept to Reality
    From Concepts
    To Reality
  • Alchemical Research Quality Control
    Built Upon a Comprehensive Range of Analytical Techniques
  • Bioorthogonal Chemical Reporter Strategy In Vivo
  • Taking Imaging to the Next Dimension
  • Bioorthogonal Protein Labeling in Living Cells
    Strategies for the Site-Specific Modification of Proteins
  • Labeling of Phospholipids in Living Cells
    In Vivo
  • Explore Our Collection of Articles
    Explore Our Collection of Articles
  • Interested in derivatives of Alchemical Research products? Or searching for other reagents? Request a Molecule.
    Improving lives by invention

Welcome to Pennsylvania Molecular

Our mission is to improve lives by invention. We strive to integrate cutting-edge research in the sciences towards the development of solutions in healthcare. We are committed to sustainable research efforts and practices that preserve and protect our environment. We seek to develop programs with broad impact, supporting the diversity of life. We believe in achievement through excellence and persistence.

Learn more about our interests, efforts, and progress. We view our role both as innovators and educators. Please feel free to contact us with questions, to share advice, or to reach out with a bold proposal and chance to collaborate. We welcome the opportunity to work with like-minded partners.

"... Logic and intuition each have their necessary role...
Logic, which alone can give certainty, is the instrument of demonstration; intuition is the instrument of invention"

-Henri Poincaré, 1913

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Research Highlights

Our projects are inspired by many great works. Here we highlight a few of the scientists and their contributions to an ever evolving field. We appreciate the creativity, the insights, and the dedication theses scientists share.
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Chemistry at the Core

Reagent quality is central to the ability to ask questions and pursue research. Chemistry is our core competency. We craft these tools from design to synthesis, supported by a comprehensive range of analytical techniques.
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